Spring Opportunities

  • Students and educators, are you looking for new resources and upcoming opportunities to be environmental champions? Here a few that we wanted to share with you!
  • Learn how to create a service-learning project that solves waste, stormwater, and sustainability problems at school or in your local community through the Generation Earth Program. The program provides trainings throughout Los Angeles County. Participating teachers will receive free resources and a free bus for a project-related field trip. To sign up, have your students fill out a pre-project survey form, and have the teacher fill out a Transportation Request form relating your field trip to a project. Make sure to send in pre-project surveys and forms at least two weeks before your scheduled field trip. Finally, send in students’ completed post-project surveys within 2 weeks after your field trip. For help choosing a project or field trip location, contact Alyson with any questions.
  • Connect with green school champions nationwide at the Green Schools Conference & Expo in Atlanta, Georgia from March 21 - 22nd for two days of learning and collaboration. Register to learn from the nation’s education, environmental and business leaders as they take the stage to inspire and motivate green leadership in schools! Participate in hands-on activities and trainings to address current environmental challenges, set goals, and share best practices with other sustainable school superstars.
  • Highschoolers, are you looking to develop environmental leadership skills and connect with like-minded students? Spend a week at The Student Conservation Corps & Congress (Sc3) this upcoming summer! Sc3 is a leadership training program held at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife's National Conservation Training Center in West Virginia from July 25 - August 1. Sc3 Fellows learn about and discuss the socioeconomics of climate change and the conservation challenges that we face. Applications are open through May to current 8th to 11th grade students. The Early Bird price for applications before March 15 is $950, which includes room, board, and program fees (not including transportation). For more information, please email [email protected].
  • Looking to get involved in green activities at your school? Start a Grades of Green Team of volunteers who are passionate about the environment and want to make a change in the greater school community. Register with Grades of Green to unlock all of our 40+ environmental activities and resources.