Inspired Eco-Resolution from Grades of Green Students

This year’s  Los Angeles Youth Corps students have made Green Cleaning Supplies a popular Grades of Green Activity.  Of the 53 students in the program, 8 are choosing to focus on toxic chemicals and the benefits of Green Cleaning Supplies for their Grades of Green Activity. This proves that students care about chemicals and what is in cleaning products, which we think is awesome!

These eight eco-leaders will be educating their peers, teachers, and school community about the benefits of switching from toxic cleaning products to Green Cleaning Supplies. They will also be teaching students and educators how to make their own homemade Green Cleaning Supplies. Green Cleaning supplies are great because they are made from non-toxic ingredients that keep our family, pets, and environment safe.

Our Youth Corps students are definitely on to something! Making the switch to green cleaning supplies is an important and easy eco-resolution everyone can take. There are many healthy, green, and effective cleaning products available to purchase. Inspired by Youth Corps students and feeling up to making your own Green Cleaning Supplies? Check out our resources here!

Bonus! In 2017, California became the first state to pass a law requiring that all chemicals found in cleaning products be disclosed to consumers. Learn more about it here.

Wishing you a healthy, happy and eco-conscious new year!